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AD Foris Education Department 


What is Outdoor Education?

Have Ad Foris as your in-school Nature Science Educator! 

Take your course into nature and get an immersive experience that only Ad Foris can curate! Using nature as our classroom gives us the opportunity to take NGSS courses in any local park or wilderness area. Our courses provide students and teachers with an opportunity to venture into the wilderness and appreciate the local scenery, sounds, and textures under the guidance of an Ad Foris certified naturalist.

Students are able to connect what they have learned in school with the real world and at the same time build self-confidence through our problem-solving and team-building-oriented cycle. Inspire your students with the hands of our Curriculum.

Click the Link Below to Inquire about programming and availability with our education department representatives . 

California Ecology/Biology

It is more important than ever taht students are able to test and exerience the lessons they may be learning in their textbooks. OUt experiental programming helps students learn by removing the barriers to the outdoors through a hands-on experience.

California History

California has a rich history that can be seen allo ver the satate! Together we explore what life would have been like in California from various perspectives.


Topics include: Gold Rush, Mission Era, Native Tribes, Westward Expansion, etc. 

Let’s Work Together

4010 Moorpark Ave, 

San Jose, CA95117

Tel: (650)597-0836

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