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Outdoor Camp for  Thanksgiving Day

1. Age: 5-12; Max 20 kids/group, teacher:kids ratio, 1:8

2. Price: Nov 20th to 22nd Mon to Wed 9:30 am - 3:30 pm - $387;

3. Remember to bring: lunch box, snack, and waterbottle

4. Contact:


phone: (408)641-7968

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What to expect?

Explore the wonders of the great outdoors through a mix of exciting educational activities - Discover the secrets of nature, and enjoy a day filled with engaging games tailored for young explorers. Don't miss out!

Shelter Building: Building shelter is a key element in survival. Working together as a group, participants will use all available resources to construct a shelter that can hold everyone safely and keep them safe from the sun, wind, and rain. Learning the difference between free standing structures (Tents/teepee’s) to the superior lean-two method will help participants more appropriately prepare for anything nature may throw their way.


Trap Building: Using items we find in the wilderness and a real world limited tool kit, participants will be able to learn how to properly construct a snare to trap animals in the event they are separated from food or in a survival situation. This activity is meant to not only illustrate our resourcefulness as humans, but to also act as a catalyst to learn more about what we as humans have evolved to in our current state. Learning tracks, animal patterns, and behaviors will help participants feel confident in their ability to procure food in a survival situation.


Fire Making: Fire, it’s what sets us apart as a species. Being able to start, maintain, and properly extinguish a fire is more important than ever in our ever changing world. Using friction tools, hand lenses, and flint and steel. Participants will be able to successfully reproduce what they learned at Survival school with their families in a safe and controlled setting. We will also be learning about fire safety and how to properly extinguish a fire. Even though we don’t see flame anymore that doesn’t mean we aren’t still at risk of a flare up.


Archery: Archery is the oldest known form of projectile next to just picking up and throwing a rock. Our trained and certified instructor will lead participants in a detailed and safe excursion to fire their own bow and arrow on their own. With guided assistance and proper safety guidelines in place, our archery instructor along with their support staff, plan to offer a comprehensive and detailed experience that will leave everyone
feeling more confident in their skills by the time they leave.


Water: Finding water is key to survival. We’re made up of 70% water for goodness sakes! This program offers participants a fun and safe way to learn about different sources of water. Collecting water from the ground isn’t always the most safe…so maybe we collect from branches and trees? This is a question only our trained survival guides can answer. We look forward to teaching you about the importance of water and where to find



Campers will also have lots of fun through a variety of interesting games that we prepared for our young explorers!

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