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Outdoor Camp on Veterans Day

1. Age: 5-12; Max 20 kids/group, teacher:kids ratio, 1:8

2. Price: Fri 9:30 am - 3:30 pm - $150;

3. Remember to bring: lunch box, snack, and water bottle

4. Contact:


phone: (408)641-7968

Explore the wonders of the great outdoors through a mix of exciting educational activities - Discover the secrets of nature, and enjoy a day filled with engaging games tailored for young explorers. Don't miss out!

Arrive in Park, introductory games and stretching

‘5 Senses walk’

  • Honeyour observation skills on this short warmup hike. Learn how to use all 5 senses to experience the natural world around you! 

  • native plants and animals, wilderness

  • safety, and experiencing nature in ways that are often overlooked. Students will learn to avoid poison oak, identify common uses of their local flora, and understand the way a landscape changes over time. 

  • All hikes will focus on observation and critical thinking skills and use group discussion to share and build on student discoveries.

Insect lesson, hand out bug-catching supplies and checklists

  • Let your curiosity run wild with hands-on science activities, crafts, and guided exploration. Learn about flowers and leaves, then take a close look at insects! Explore and understand what we have in common with other animals. 

  • Learn about structure, function, and life cycles with our live insects; 

  • Collect insects in the field and record their diversity

Learn about the world of birds! Where they live, what they eat, and how they find food

  • Beaks! (a fun activity where kids are given different items that will act like various beak types and try to use them to perform tasks)

  • Bird’s nest game: Kids put their understanding of bird behavior to the test with a fun challenge to build their  own bird’s nest using the natural materials around them

Lunch/Extended snack Break

Next up, Wind Sock Craft

Wrap up of camp :)

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